Audrey Peters is a fashion content creator and American media personality who takes her followers along for her adventures in shopping: from securing exclusive items to sharing the most coveted pieces in her collection. 

How to Buy an Hermès Birkin or Kelly Bag

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Anyone who knows anything about designer fashion knows that a Birkin or Kelly bag is the bag.  Iconic in every way possible, the majestic high-fashion bags are coveted by many, adored by all and owned and worn by very few.  Every fashion girl’s dream staple, the chance to own a Birkin or Kelly bag is a fashion fairytale. For some, this dream is higher in the clouds than the price tag itself… which is already pretty high up there.  Although Hermès keeps the price tags on their Birkin and Kelly bags tucked away underwraps, the bags can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000, depending on the exclusivity of the exact design.  But while some girls are dreaming, Audrey Peters is taking names, adding to her collection of Hermès and working towards securing that bag!

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It’s no secret that the expensive price tag of an Hermès Birkin or Kelly bag is what keeps so many collectors from getting their hands on one of their own… But it’s actually so much more than that.  In a now viral TikTok series, Audrey Peters has broken down the process of purchasing a Birkin or Kelly.  And it’s a teensy bit more complicated than some might guess…  The exclusivity of the purchase, along with the extensive lengths a shopper must go through to make it happen, dramatically outweigh the expensive price tag.  In her videos, Audrey explains the somewhat secret process in great detail.  Even with cash-in-hand, an aspiring Birkin or Kelly bag owner cannot simply waltz into Hermès and expect to walk out with the iconic piece the way they might walk in and buy a pair of shoes…  

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Fashion content creator and American media personality Audrey Peters explains in her TikTok series on how to buy a Birkin or Kelly bag from Hermès, that a shopper must be offered the bag.  But as casual as that sounds, this is no simple offer.  Being offered the chance to purchase a Birkin or Kelly bag from Hermès is only the tip of the iceberg.  Working towards that offer is more of a feat than digging for a golden ticket.  In her videos, Audrey explains that a shopper must build a relationship with a specific sales associate in order to work towards that offer.  But with so many shoppers in a single day, you’ll need to stand out for that glimmering offer to make its way into the conversation… 

Taking her followers on TikTok along for the adventure, Audrey Peters is working towards adding a Kelly or Birkin to her own collection.  In her views, she explains that building a relationship with a specific sales associate is KEY to securing that offer.  Known for keeping it real and candid, Audrey gives the full scoop, in honest detail.  She explains that to achieve this coveted offer for an Hermès Kelly or Birkin bag, you must establish a relationship with a sales associate by regularly checking in on their personal life, inquiring about new items in the store and visiting Hermès frequently, to spend some quality time with your sales associate of choice.  Of course, that quality time isn’t a cute little latte drop off on your way to work.  It’s all about the dollar signs.  Audrey recommends purchasing a “little something-something” each visit, while diversifying your purchase range each shop.  For example, Audrey advises high-fashion fans and collectors of designer fashion to consider spreading out their purchases to include a unique range of items; from shoes and blankets to teacups and other accessories.

No small feat, securing an iconic Hermès Kelly or Birkin bag is a journey and a half… unless you’re a celebrity.  For the everyday fashionista like Audrey Peters (and her followers), the high price tag of these majestic bags is only a piece of the puzzle.  As she fits all the pieces together, Audrey’s taking her followers along for the experience.  Candid, tenacious and always one to keep it real: Audrey captures the full experience in an authentic adventure all her own as the TikTok series on How to Buy a Birkin or Kelly Bag continues…