About Audrey Peters

Audrey Peters is an American media personality best known for her flair for fashion and candid content. Taking followers along for her shopping sprees and daily life, Audrey offers a unique glimpse into the exclusive world of high fashion, presented with full, unabashed authenticity. 

High Fashion Palate Audrey Peters

Meet Audrey Peters: An Acquired Taste with a High-Fashion Palate

Audrey Peters is an American media personality and content creator, best known for her viral fashion content.  Straying away from the rose-colored glasses of filters and digital granulated sugar, Audrey keeps it real.  And that’s what keeps her followers tuned in.  Her authenticity, tenacity and overall transparency is something that sets her apart from the cloud of packaged perfection that leaves a whole lot out of the ring-light brightened picture.  Taking followers along for her shopping sprees and adventures in the fashion industry, Audrey offers an authentic look into her daily life, without the fabrication of filters and scripts.  Something of an “acquired taste,” her salt and sass is as comedic as it is driven in reality.  Sometimes, what she has to say may not be what most want to hear, but it’s probably what everyone else is thinking!

Education & Professional Career

Audrey Peters is an alum of George Washington University where she completed a Bachelor of Organizational Science in International Management with a minor concentration in Psychology.  The American media personality creates candid content on fashion, confidence building and personal growth, with a healthy dose of comedy.  Enjoying her platform to the fullest extent, Audrey is making a career out of letting her voice be heard and echoing her opinions from every corner.  From her daily life vlog-style excursions to her unique deep dives into exclusive purchases in the world of high fashion… Audrey takes her followers along for the ride, full-time!

Prior to her full-time career as a content creator, American media personality Audrey Peters worked as a Digital Sales Assistant at HEARST Magazines.  Working directly with clients like CELINE, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci and Fendi, Audrey navigated the media and publishing landscape of the high-fashion industry in this role.  She applies a firm background in marketing, communications and content creation to her current full-time foray in the fashion community.  

Education & Professional Career Audrey Peters