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Something of an acquired taste, Audrey Peters is an American media personality and content creator who doesn’t hold back. Refraining from filtering her content with rose-colored enchantment, Audrey serves up the realness of her daily life, with a comedic side of self-deprecating humor. 

American media personality Audrey Peters who creates fashion and beauty inspo content, with comedic flair.  Cutting into the repetitive, filter-blasted stream of content shared on social every day, Audrey brings a sense of humility and reality to her posts.  Too often, content creators and media personalities seem to take themselves just a little bit too seriously… By offering up a genuine and authentic glimpse into her life, without holding back, Audrey offers followers something different from what they are used to.  Through her comedic approach, the American media personality reminds followers that it’s okay to laugh at yourself every once in a while.  Not everything needs to be so serious all the time!  And even in serious situations or the moments where we might not feel the very best, laughs can be had.  Audrey strives to embody that energy, no matter what the situation may be.

Audrey Peters Daily Life

Daily Life

Audrey Peters is an American media personality who creates content of her daily life.  More than just a fashion blogger, Audrey is a content creator serving up daily real-ness by not leaving out any of the details.  Far from an ethereal powerhouse who pretends to wake up every morning refreshed and rejuvenated at the crack of dawn, Audrey lives in a reality where… maybe she doesn’t want to spring right out of bed in the morning to jump right into a full-body workout before the rest of the world sees the sun.  Because let’s face it: hardly anyone actually does so… what’s the use in pretending?  Audrey certainly doesn’t feel the need to sugarcoat or pretend.  And that’s exactly why she’s the first one to be honest and say, hey: no, I do not start my day with a full range of superhuman techniques.  But what Audrey does do is take her followers along for her daily life, from fashion adventures, to Get Ready With Me (GRWM) content that focuses on the beauty products she enjoys.. And doesn’t enjoy… in real time, as she uses them.  A self-proclaimed hot-girl walker, she also enjoys taking followers around as she adventures through the city, day to day.